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[MX] Subscribers unable to log in due to BBE-SMGD using maximum number of UIDs

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Unique Identifiers (UIDs) are used to identify unique parameters within a dynamic profile, such as schedulers, scheduler-maps, firewalls, policers, variables, and so on. In some cases, subscribers will not be able to log in because the Enhanced Subscriber Management daemon, BBE-SMGD, has used the maximum number of available UIDs. This article suggests a workaround.



Subscribers are not able to log in and the following log messages are seen:

Jan 18 08:15:01.118  router-hostname bbe=smgd[3809]: %DAEMON-3: libdyn_conf_uid_resolve_uid_ref_var: dynamic_profile_name$$01 UID hashing failed for session_id=3951790‚Äč
Jan 18 08:15:01.118  router-hostname bbe=smgd[3809]: %DAEMON-3: sdb_uid_add_db_entry: Failed to allocate UID unit number

To determine the maximum number of UIDs used by the system:

show uid information | match count | count
Count: 9000 lines



Using diverse configurations for each subscriber results in the creation of a unique parameter, which will then be assigned a new UID. This can lead to the maximum number of available UIDs being used up.



To prevent maximum use of the UIDs, it is recommended to use fewer diverse configurations for subscribers so that some UIDs can be shared.

If UID usage continues to be more than expected, open a case with your technical support representative for further investigations.


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