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How to get the license key for my license renewal

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This article describes how to retrieve the license key automatically and manually for the products being managed in Juniper Agile Licensing (JAL) Portal.


The license renewal order has completed, and I would like to get the license key. How can I retrieve it?


To acquire the license key, follow the process below:

Automatic Process:

  1. Log in to the console of the Juniper device.
    Note: Check that the Juniper device is connected to the Internet and DNS configured.
  2. Run the command:
    root > request system license update
  3. Confirm that the key has been added:
    root> show system license

Manual Process:

  1. Login to Juniper Agile Licensing Portal.
  2. Click the plus sign button beside My Activations to view the details.

  3. Locate the serial number. You may enter the serial number in the box under the Device Serial # if you have several activations.

  4. In the License row, click Download if you would like the license key to be downloaded to your computer or click E-mail if you would like to receive the license key via email.

  5. Install the license key to your Juniper device.
    Manual Install method:
    From the terminal, install the subscription license keys with the manual method using the command:
    1. root> request system license add terminal
    2. [Type ^D at a new line to end input, enter blank line between each license key]
    3. Paste the license key and press enter
    4. Type Ctrl+D
    *Note: If the license activation is not showing on Juniper Agile Licensing Portal, contact Customer Care or create an Admin SR on My Juniper to request the license key.
Modification History:
2019-09-07: Updated screenshot for Manual Process step 2. Added instructions if the licenses are not available on JAL
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