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[WLA/WLC] Report generation of Smartpass Accounting Summary using Ringmaster

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This article explains how to create a report generation of smartpass accounting summary using Ringmaster.

 Ringmaster generates a SmartPass Accounting Summary report for all the clients on the WLCs that have smartpass configured as the accounting server
  1. Launch the Ringmaster application

  2. From the top navigation menu, select the Clients tab from the ringmaster.

  3. Select Accounting Summary under the reports.


  4. Under SmartPass Accounting Summary Report, select the following options:

    Report scope type: Network plan (choice of mobility domain, WLC)     
    Report scope instance: Default
    Report Time period: (choose your option: 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days)
    Select the appropriate start and end time. Then click on Next.    
  5. ​Select Add Filter Entry and choose the field as “SSID" or "NAS IP”. Under Value, enter the name of the SSID or NAS IP, then click Next.