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[NFX] How to disable management Ethernet ports on NFX250

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This article discusses a major alarm that is set when default management interface is unplugged. It describes where to look for the alarm and a way to get rid of the alarm if you do not use the interface for management.


On an NFX250 platform, a dedicated port is present for JDM (Juniper Device Manager) management. If this management port is not connected (physically down), it triggers a major alarm and shows up as an LED alarm on the device front panel.


This major alarm indicates that the management interface is not connected with a cable or proper IP address, and default route is not set on the system.

For NFX250, OOB management interface on JDM is jmgmt0.

To configure IP, refer to Juniper's technical documentation on Initial Configuration on NFX250 Devices

However, if the same is not configured or not used, the user will see the following alarm on the JCP:

Jcp> show chassis alarms 
1 alarms currently active
Alarm time Class Description
2019-06-28 18:54:33 UTC Major FPC Management0 Ethernet Link Down

Furthermore, there is a possibility to disable the said alarm if user does not wish to use jmgmt0 for managing the JDM.

The following configuration is required to be added to the JCP configuration:
  chassis {
     alarm {
         management-ethernet {
             link-down ignore;

OR CLI command "set chassis alarm management-ethernet link-down ignore"

Post commit, the user will not see the said alarm:

Jcp> show chassis alarms
No alarms currently active

Note: NFX250 architecture has JDM to manage the system and JCP to manage the PFE. But currently, the system/chassis alarms can only be viewed from JCP and not JDM.

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