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[SBR Carrier] Generating a Level1 data collection to share with JTAC

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In SBR Carrier versions after 8.0, there is a data collection script available for use to collect basic configuration data and system information to share with JTAC. As each issue can be vastly different than another, the data collection script was created to simplify the collection of base SBR Carrier configuration and system data.

  • You are reporting an issue to JTAC for the SBR Carrier product.
  • JTAC has requested a Level1 data be collected and provided for analysis/review.
  1. Log into the SBR Carrier server as a root user.

  2. Navigate to the following directory:

    [root@jtac1 debug]# cd /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/install/debug

    This directory contains the collection script (, its configuration file, and additional script resources.

    [root@jtac1 debug]# ls -l
    total 192
    -rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root  45499 Jul  2 02:37 pkgapp
    -rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root  19407 Jul  2 02:37
    -rw-rw-r--. 1 root root   9470 Jul  2 02:37 SIR.conf
    -rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 113270 Jul  2 02:37
    [root@jtac1 debug]#

    Note: By default, will perform a Level1 collection without any modification to the SIR.conf file 

  3. Execute the script, enter "./" and follow the prompts

    [root@jtac1 debug]# ./

    [ WARNING ]: Destination directory is not configured.
    [ Message ]: Default destination directory [ /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/debug/ ].
    [ Message ]: Do you wish to continue (Y/N) [N]: y

    [ INFO ]: All requested data will be stored in the directory [ /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/debug/SBR_Information_Report/ ].
    [ INFO ]: 1.3T available in the [ /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/debug/SBR_Information_Report/ ] directory.
    [ INFO ]: Configured SBR directory: [ /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/ ].
    Do you wish to continue ( Y/N ) [N]: y

    [ INFO ]: Processing Level One Information.
    [ INFO ]: Processing text-based configuration file section.
    [ INFO ]: Processing GUI configuration section.
    [ INFO ]: Processing SBR package and patch information.
    [ INFO ]: Processing SBR dictionary section.
    [ INFO ]: Processing SBR jar and certificate section.
    [ INFO ]: Processing SBR XML file section.
    [ INFO ]: Processing radius process information.
    [ INFO ]: cstserver-64 process is not running.
    [ INFO ]: Processing System information section.
    [ INFO ]: Level1 information packed in Level1.tar.gz file.
    [root@jtac1 debug]#

    - As indicated, the script will configure a destination directory for output:   /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/debug/SBR_Information_Report/
    - Once completed, the script will generate the result file "Level1.tar.gz" and place it in that destination directory.

  4. Offload this file and attach it to the case via Case (SR) Manager.
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