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[SRX] Unable to configure SSL Proxy on SRX300 and SRX320 devices

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SSL Proxy acts as an intermediary, performing SSL encryption and decryption between the client and the server. Better visibility into application usage can be made available when SSL forward proxy is enabled.

This article lists the Junos OS releases in which SSL Proxy for SRX 300 series is supported.



SRX300 and SRX320 devices running Junos OS 15.1X49, 17.3, or 17.4 are unable to configure SSL Proxy due to the following error:

root@SRX300# set services ssl proxy
syntax error, expecting '[' or <data>.



SSL Proxy for SRX 300 Series is supported as of the following Junos OS releases:

  • SRX300 & SRX320    - 18.1 and later versions*1

  • SRX340 & SRX345    - 15.1X49 and later versions

    *1=SRX300/320 devices support loading and receiving certificates with key sizes 2048 or lower.


Modification History:

2019-07-18: Details of key sizes of certificates that can be loaded and received on SRX300/320 added in Solution section; other minor, non-technical modifications made in the article


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