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[PTX] Using loopback address for AE BFD on PTX cause BFD to remain down after link flap

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BFD can be configured under aggregate-option of AE interface:

    bfd-liveness-detection {
        version 1;
        minimum-receive-interval 100;
        multiplier 3;
        transmit-interval {
            minimum-interval 100;

In this configuration, both neighbor address and local-address needs to be specific.


PTX AE BFD has a limitation to use loopback address as BOTH local-address and neighbor address.

Using loopback address as neighbor/local-address was added to the MX platform. However, if we use the local address as an interface address on a PTX, and then set the remote address using a loopback address on a neighboring MX, BFD may still run into problems. For example, the BFD remains down after link flap. In order to work correctly, the PTX must use the interface address of the neighbor for neighbor address and use the interface address of the PTX for local-address in order to function correctly.
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