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[JSA] System Health icon disappears on the console after patching the JSA appliance

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After patching or upgrading from version 2014.8 to 7.3.0, sometimes the System Health icon disappears.


After the patch or upgrade, go to:

  1. Log in to the Console UI
  2. Click Admin tab.
  3. Notice, the System Health Icon is missing.

Sample icon:


Take the following steps:

Note: The JSA appliance User Interface and other functions will be unavailable until tomcat fully restarts.

  1. Using SSH, log into the console.

  2. Run the following command:

  3. Restart the Tomcat Service.
    In JSA 2014.8.x, use the command, 'service tomcat restart'
    In Qradar 7.3.x, use the command, 'systemctl restart tomcat'

    You can now see the System Health icon.
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