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[WLA/WLC] How to upgrade the WLC controller via CLI

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This article describes the step by step procedure for upgrading the Wireless Controller (WLC) via CLI by using TFTP server.

  1. Download the MSS software from the Juniper support site . Then extract or unzip the file and save it to a safe location of a Server/PC.

  2. Copy the downloaded system image into a TFTP server.

    a. Open TFTP server.

    b. Click Browse and select the downloaded MSS software system image file.

  3. Login to the CLI of WLC controller via SSH or telnet.

  4. Save your current configuration using the command, 'WLC# save configuration <file name>' (this will save it to the Non-volatile memory of WLC Controller)

  5. Copy the MSS software system image file from TFTP server to a boot partition of the (WLC) controller.

    a. You can copy the image file only into the boot partition that was not used for the most recent restart. For example, if the image which is currently installed is booted from boot partition 1, then you can copy the new image into partition 0.

    b. To find currently booted partition (Note: The partition with the "*" is the currently booted partition), type the command, 'dir' from the command line. 

    c. Copy the MSS software system image file from TFTP server into a boot partition 0 using the following command:

    WLC# copy tftp://ip address of the system where the image is located/filename of the image  boot0:<filename> or boot1:<filename>

    Example: copy tftp:// boot0:MX096001.002

  6. Set the appropriate boot partition either to boot1 or boot0 where the new MSS software file is copied.
    WLC# Set boot partition boot1 or boot0

  7. Restart the controller by using the command, 'WLC# reset system'.

NOTE: When you restart the WLC, it boots up with the new MSS image. 

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