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[WLA/WLC] How to create a new plan via Ringmaster

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This article explains how to create a new plan on Ringmaster.

  1. Login to Ringmaster using the admin User-name and Password, IP Address and port number. Then click Next.‚Äč

  2. Go to Services > Plan Management.

  3. The Web Gui interface of Ringmaster will appear. 

  4. At the top left corner, click New Plan. Then click on Create

    Provide the following information:
    Network Plan Name: A unique plan name
    Country Code: Select the desired country code

    Note: The option for 'Open this plan' means that right after a new plan is created, the newly created plan will be operational. Only check this box if you want to have the newly created plan functional immediately.

  5. The new plan has been created successfully and is ready to be implement if required.

Note: If you want to work with the newly created plan, then switch to this newly created plan.
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