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[EX] FXPC process utilization is high

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In EX switches, the FXPC process goes high and continues to stay high when DDoS protection is disabled.


The FXPC process shows high utilization.


One of the reasons that can cause this issue is configuration below:

ddos-protection {
                global {

When the DDoS is disabled, the DDoS bandwith and burst values are set to large values. 

The fw-host and resolve queues have large bandwidth and burst values as seen below. Therefore, any traffic that hits these queues are rate limited to 100000 and can overwhelm the system, leading to high utilization of FXPC process.

------ ------- -------- -------- ----- --------
CMICQ  Channel  bwidth   burst  Qlen   Proto(s)
------ ------- -------- ------- ------ --------
15     3        100000   1000   1000   fw-host
20     3        100000   1000   1000   resolve

To avoid this issue, do not disable DDoS protection.

If it is disabled, perform the following:

delete system ddos-protection global disable-fpc 

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