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The Problem Report (PR) Search ( tool allows you to search the Juniper Network's external bug system.  Below you'll find a brief description of the PR Search capabilities as well as other resources for finding PR information. 


Phase 2 implementation date is delayed due to data issues encountered in development. 
The new deployment date is TBD at this time, but this KB will be updated to reflect progress.

Phase 2 of PR Search Tool integration will incorporate the following additional capabilities: 

  • Search Type updates will incorporate a drop-down in the UI for you to specify the query type(s):
    • Issues fixed in a specific release
    • Issues affecting a base release
    • Issues fixed between two-releases

On 05 AUG 2019 – The PR Search tool was restored with the following capabilities:

  • Refreshed DB of Junos releases reflected in UI and results.
  • Base Release queries with all subsequent, relevant GA releases included – and with the Base Release itself (*and* associated S-releases) *excluded*.
  • Keyword search and date range filter.
  • Results sorted by severity, then by last modified date.

Read PR Search Help for a complete description of features and use cases supported. 


Other Resources:

In addition to using the PR Search tool, PR information can be obtained by ...

  • Consulting the Release Notes. The Release Notes contain known and fixed PRs.  Review the release notes for your currently installed or planned to be installed software release.  Software Release Notes are available on the TechLibrary (direct link to Junos OS Documentation) and Support product pages. 


  • Subscribing to bi-weekly updates.  We offer a subscription service that will deliver an email digest listing the new and updated PR IDs for a product application or series.  To sign up, go to (login required) and create or update your subscription.  The email notice is mailed every Monday and Thursday evening (PST), and will list all IDs, along with the title, of PRs that are new or updated. 


  • For Customers and Partners with Juniper Care Plus Service contracts that include Service Manager services, please contact your Service Manager.  Advance Services Credits can be used to request a PIIR (Product Issues Impact Review Report) and PBN (Proactive Bug Notification) OR open an SR with the Service Request Type = ASC Service Request (if those features are part of your entitled services).

Should you need further assistance, please contact Juniper's Technical Assistance Center (JTAC)

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Modification History:
2019-01-09: Progress is being made toward restoration of the search/filter functions, but no ETA is available.
2019-01-11: ETA for search restoration is end of March 2019
2019-03-19: ETA updated to mid-April 2019
2019-04-05: ETA update to end of Q2 2019.
2019-07-02: ETA changed.  Release Delayed to Q3 2019.
2019-07-23: Updated with release date.
2019-08-05: Release information updated.
2019-09-05: Phase 2 features announced.
2019-09-26: Phase 2 release date set for mid-late October 2019.
2019-10-30: Phase 2 release date changed.  Currently its TBD (see note above)
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