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Device found in Security Director but not in Junos Space Platform

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Under some conditions, when a device is deleted from Junos Space, the device entry remains in Security Director

  • Device listed twice in Security Director Device list.

  • Device that has been deleted continues to appear in Security Director.


The delete operation does not complete in Security Director under certain conditions when a Policy is assigned at the time of delete.


Workaround for all versions where this problem is seen:

  1. Download script file here.

  2. SCP file to server and unzip:

  3. Run Script:

Note: The script can be extracted on your computer. Each command inside the script can run on CLI if copying to remote system is difficult.

Upgrade to Junos Space 18.3R1 to prevent this from happening. However, it will not correct any bad entries at the time of upgrade.

See PR1356317 - Cluster device appears to remain in SD after deletion.

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