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[Junos Space/Service Now] xnm warning messages on configuration commit

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When Service Now bundled with AI-Scripts is installed on MX, M, T, TX, EX, and SRX Series platforms, an xnm warning message is displayed upon configuration commit.

This article gives the reason for the warning message and indicates whether any action must be taken to resolve the warning.



The following warning messages are displayed while committing a configuration:

spaceadmin@taz# commit
configuration check succeeds
error: <xnm:warning xmlns="" xmlns:xnm="">
error: <source-daemon>mgd</source-daemon>
error: <edit-path>[edit]</edit-path>
error: <statement>event-options</statement>
error: <message>statement has no contents; ignored</message>
error: </xnm:warning>



This is a cosmetic issue caused by scripts installed by Service Now. It does not affect the platform at all.



These messages are harmless and therefore, no action is required.

However, as a temporary workaround to get rid of the warning messages, you can use delete apply-groups juniper-ais and delete groups juniper-ais.

Note: The issue was tracked in PR1223670, and resolved in ‚ÄčAI-Scripts releases 4.1R11, 5.0R6, 6.0R3, and 7.0R1.


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