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[WLA/WLC] Adding a rogue device/client to the rogue list by using RingMaster

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This article explains how to add a rogue device/client to the rogue list by using RingMaster.


  1. Launch the RingMaster application.

  2. From the top-navigation menu, click the Alarms tab from RingMaster.

  1. Click Details for the alarm and the details and events related to the alarm are displayed:

  1. Select the WLA/client to add to the rogue list and click “Add to Rogue List” on the right under Related Tasks.

  2. Select the WLC device and the Mobility Domain of WLC where the device/client is located, and click OK.


The rogue device/client has been added to the rogue list.


‚ÄčTo display the rogue list on the WLC CLI, use the following command:

WLC# show rfdetect rogue-list

The following example shows the rogue list on a WLC:

WLC# show rfdetect rogue-list
Total number of entries: 1

Attacklist MAC Port/Radio/Chan    RSSI  SSID
----------------- --------------  ----- ------------
11:22:33:44:55:66 ap 2/1/11       -53   rogue-ssid


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