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[SBR Carrier] Session Control query does not return custom attributes

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SBR's Session Control module allows you to perform actions on active sessions found in the Current Sessions Table (CST), including CoA/DM actions and session lookups (query).  The "query" action can find existing sessions that match the query criteria and return the associated attributes, both standard (core) and custom attributes.

This article provides troubleshooting steps in case a session query doesn't return all the custom attributes you expect.  It assumes a field for the custom attribute exists already in the CST schema (see CurrentSessions.sql).  Adding the field is outside the scope of this article.

  1. Confirm the attribute value is being mapped to the database field in sessionTable.ini.

    For example, the following configuration in sessionTable.ini is intended to insert the value of the Delegated-IPv6-Prefix RADIUS attribute found in Accounting requests into the Ipv6Prefix CST column.

  2. Confirm the value is populated using the hadm script (assuming the script has already been modified to include that column in its output).

  3. Confirm the Session Control database mapping in dbc_mapping.xml exists.  For the example in #1 above, you should have:

    <attributeMapping field="Ipv6Prefix" attribute="Delegated-IPv6-Prefix"> <queryAttribute name="Delegated-IPv6-Prefix"/> </attributeMapping>
  4. Confirm the attribute exists in the relevant dictionary for the Make/Model of the client that is sending the radius request.  

    1. In deviceModels.xml, find the query action for the Make/Model and note the dictionary value (for example, dictionary="juniper").

    2. Confirm that the attribute exists in juniper.dic (this example) or one of the dictionaries imported by juniper.dic (note that these dictionaries can be nested, i.e. imported dictionaries can import other dictionaries).

  5. A restart of SBR is required to activate changes in any of these files.

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