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[SBR] Duplicate accounting entries in external database

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External databases will record duplicate packets, which may cause other issues such as duplicate billing.


Duplicate accounting entries in external database.

  1. It is possible that an ACK (radius acct response) was sent to the RADIUS Client but lost on the network. 

    • Since the protocol is UDP, SBR cannot be sure what happens after a response is sent. 

  2. It is also possible that processing between SBR and the DB took longer than the configured RADIUS Accounting retry interval.   

    • If there was a backup/queue for SQL accounting processing against the DB, then a response might not have been sent in 3 seconds.  In that case the RADIUS Client might retry and SBR will process both the original and the retry. Therefore during peak periods, you could see multiple records in the DB.  This is not unusual. 

    • However, any recent changes (increases in traffic, network latency, DB response time) on your end might lead to higher occurrences of this than you have seen in the past.

    • Keep an eye on your accounting DB tables, as they grow large, small increases in response time can impact overall performance.


Check RADIUS NAS to verify that the Accounting ACK was received prior to timeout period.

If issue is current:

  1. Set SBR Logging to Debug
    • radius.ini -> LogLevel = 2, TraceLevel = 2
  2. Start Packet Capture between SBR -> RADIUS NAS and SBR -> External DB
  3. Enable local accounting for Database Accounting File (Enabling globally -- if not already set -- may give more information than required)
  4. Ensure that LatencyLog is enabled
    • radius.ini -> [LatencyLog] -> Enable = 1

Collect data for the period of time where Duplicate Accounting Entries are noticed in External Database.

Create SBR JTAC Case and upload data collected.

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