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How to enable location policy using Ringmaster

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This article explains how to apply location Policy using Ringmaster.

  1. Create SSID <name> using Ringmaster. In this example, we created SSID name 'rmlp1'

  2. Under AAA option in Ringmaster, click “Location Policy”. The screenshot in step 3 will appear.

  3. Click Create location policy

  4. Check the options in which you need to apply location Policy and click next.

    In this example, “SSID”, “VLAN” and “DWLA” are selected.

  5. Select SSID name and VLAN, then click Next. In this example, SSID rmlp1 and VLAN "red" are selected.

  6. Now select the AP to which location policy need to be applied and click next.  In this example, AP 9999 is selected.