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[WLC] How to display ARP table entries on the WLC controller

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This article explains how to display ARP table entries on the WLC controller.


To display ARP table entries on the WLC controller, use the following command:

show arp

Here is an example:

The above example shows two entries for Local and three entries for Dynamic. The local entries (with LOCAL in the Type field) are the IP address of WLC controller and VLAN (44) interface IP address which is configured on the WLC contrller. The MAC address of the local entries will always be WLC's MAC address.

The ARP table contains minimum of one local entry for each VLAN configured on the switch. The dynamic entry is obtained from traffic received by the WLC. The ARP table can also contain static and permanent entries, added by an administrator.

The State field indicates whether an entry is resolved (RESOLVED) or whether MSS has sent an ARP request for the entry and is waiting for the reply (RESOLVING). As per the above exapmle, the state field indicates that the ARP entry is resolved (RESOLVED).

Please refer the following KB article to configure and manage ARP table on the WLC controller:
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