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How to resolve unexpected line breaks in SBR Accounting logs

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Unexpected line breaks are observed in individual records of SBR accounting logs .


SBR Carrier might truncate a line in the accounting log when a non-printable character is encountered.


You can set the ReplaceUnprintables parameter in the [Logging] section of radius.ini with a printable character which is used instead of non-printable characters when SBR Carrier writes messages to the accounting log file.

NOTE: Characters of ASCII decimal code 0 through 31 (ASCII hex code 0 through 1F) and 127 through 255 (ASCII hex code 7F through FF) are considered as non-printable characters. 

For example, to substitute each unprintable character  with a "#" sign,  you would change the following:

In radius.ini, uncomment and change the following setting then restart radius:


to be 


This will change 'dhcp-client-id=2????&' to appear as 'dhcp-client-id=2####&' and no longer truncate/line break the record.

For more information about the ReplaceUnprintables parameter, see the SBR Carrier Reference Guide

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