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[QFX] Copying an image file from a DG device to any QFabric component internally for a manual upgrade



Article ID: KB34123 KB Last Updated: 08 Apr 2021Version: 2.0

This article details how to copy image files internally from a Director Group (DG) device to different QFabric components. After the image file is transferred to the appropriate component, manual image upgrade of that component can be carried out.

Note: The same method can also be used to transfer log files from different components to the DG device internally instead of using a Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) session for each component.



When any of the individual components are not upgraded during an upgrade process, users typically perform manual upgrade of these components instead of starting the whole QFabric upgrade process.



To copy the files, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the primary DG and find the image file that must be transferred from the list of images. There will be three image files and each one needs to be used only for the appropriate device platform.
    [root@router14.1X53-D122.8]# pwd
    [root@router14.1X53-D122.8]# ls -ltr
    total 884128
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 170272694 Nov 24  2017 jinstall-qfx.tgz  <== for QFX3500/QFX3600 devices
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 450947592 Nov 24  2017 jinstall-qfabric-5.tgz  <== for QFX5100 devices
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 283207885 Nov 24  2017 jinstall-dc-re.tgz  <== only for DRE
  2. Check the inventory list of the QFabric system to find the serial number of the required component:
    root@router-lab-0001> show fabric administration inventory
    Item                    Identifier              Connection      Configuration
    Node group
      NW-NG-0                                       Connected       Configured   
        qf2-n-1             TA3715320210            Connected                    
        qf2-n-2             VF3716090284            Connected                    
        qf2-n-3             BBAK8877                Connected                    
        qf2-n-4             BBAK9600                Connected                    
      qf2-r1                                        Connected       Configured   
        qf2-r1-1         VF3715300949               Connected                    
        qf2-r1-2         TA3715320262               Connected                    
      qf2-r2                                        Connected       Configured    <==
        qf2-r2-2         TR0215420553               Connected                    
    Interconnect device
      QFX3600-IC1           IC-P7023-C              Connected       Configured   
        P7023-C/RE0                                 Connected                    
      QFX3600-IC2           IC-P7064-C              Connected       Configured   
        P7064-C/RE0                                 Connected                    
    Fabric manager
      FM-0                                          Connected       Configured   
    Fabric control
      FC-0                                          Connected       Configured   
      FC-1                                          Connected       Configured    
    Diagnostic routing engine
      DRE-0                                         Connected       Configured   
    Director group
      0281092011000029                              Connected                    
      0281062012000028                              Connected
  3. After finding the serial number of the required component, copy the image file to this path: /pbdata/export/rlogs/ <S/N of the required component>.
    [root@router14.1X53-D122.8]# cp jinstall-qfabric-5.tgz /pbdata/export/rlogs/TR0215420553
  4. Ensure that the image file has been copied successfully with the same size as on the parent directory:
    [root@router14.1X53-D122.8]# cd /pbdata/export/rlogs/TR0215420553/
    [root@router-TR0215420553]# ls -ltr
    total 441264
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 450947592 Mar 28 15:43 jinstall-qfabric-5.tgz   
  5. Log in to the required component (qf2-r2) either via Console or from the Switch-Fabric CLI (SFC) (if accessible via SFC):
    root@router-lab-0001> request component login qf2-r2  
    Warning: Permanently added 'dcfnode-default-qf2-r2,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
    --- JUNOS 14.1X53-D17.1 built 2017-11-23 10:30:01 UTC
    qfabric-admin@qf2-r2> file list /tftpboot/logfiles/
    jinstall-qfabric-5.tgz   <==
  6. Copy the file to the /var/tmp/ location on that component and delete the copy of the image in the /tftpboot/logfiles/ location to conserve space:
    qfabric-admin@qf2-r2> file copy /tftpboot/logfiles/jinstall-qfabric-5.tgz /var/tmp/
    qfabric-admin@qf2-r2> file delete /tftpboot/logfiles/jinstall-qfabric-5.tgz

    Manual Upgrade of the Component

    To perform manual upgrade of the component, execute the following command:

    qfabric-admin@qf2-r2> request system software add /var/tmp/jinstall-qfabric-5.tgz
    Checking pending install on fpc1
    Validating on fpc1
    Done with validate of </var/tmp/jinstall-qfabric-5.tgz> on all chassis
    Verified jinstall-vjunos-14.1X53-D122.8-domestic.tgz signed by PackageDevelopmentRSA_2015
    Adding vjunos...
    Saving contents of boot area prior to installation
    WARNING:     This package will load JUNOS 14.1X53-D122.8 software


Modification History:
2021-04-08: Updated the article terminology to align with Juniper's Inclusion & Diversity initiatives
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