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[WLA] How to generate Ringmaster reports and find SSID availability within a specified scope and time interval

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This article explains the Ringmaster report generation for SSID availability within a specified scope and time period.


This is how to generate the reports of SSID availability information for each SSID within the selected scope and time interval.

  1. From the Reports tab of the Ringmaster, select Availability > SSID availability from the organizer panel:

  2. From the tasks panel, choose Generate > Report. Then the Generate SSID Availability Report window will appear:

  3. Select a Report Scope type from the following:

  4. Select the Report Scope Instance and Report Time Period for the selected scope. Then click Next.

  5. Select the report format, whether it is going to be HTML or PDF. The e-mail address can also be provided to get the hyperlink/attachment on your e-mail. Alternatively, you can copy that to an FTP server if the check box is enabled. Then click Next.

  6. The report will be successfully generated:

  7. Click the link from step 6 to view the report:

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