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[EX] Commit check displays error if interface speed is configured manually for 10G interfaces

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In a mixed Virtual Chassis scenario where one of the linecards is EX4300, the commit check operation will produce an error if the interface speed is configured manually for 10G interfaces.

interfaces {
    xe-0/0/0 {
        speed 100m;

configuration check succeeds
/config/juniper.conf:558:(18) invalid value: 100m
/config/juniper.conf:574:(18) invalid value: 100m
/config/juniper.conf:630:(9) error recovery ignores input until this point: }
error: remote unlock-configuration failed on fpc1

This is an expected behavior, as EX4300 is functioning as a linecard will perform independent syntax check. It will inform about an unsupported interface speed of 100M, which is configured on 10G interface. 

This error message will be displayed only during the commit check operation. The error will be ignored and configuration will be applied if the configured interface is on other non-EX4300 Virtual Chassis member, which supports the configured interface speed.

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