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[WLC] Accessing WLC via SSH or Telnet from RingMaster

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This article explains how to log in to the Wireless Controller (WLC) via SSH/Telnet from RingMaster.




  • Preinstalled PuTTY executable application on the RingMaster server


Steps to provide the path to where you have stored the PuTTY executable application

  1. Log in to the RingMaster application with your username and password.

  1. From the toolbar, select Tools > Preferences.

  1. In the Preferences window, click the Tools tab, and then click the Browse button next to the Telnet Executable field to provide the path to where you have stored the PuTTY executable file.

  1. Browse to the location to select the downloaded PuTTY application, and then click the Pick button.

  1. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to provide the PuTTY executable path for SSH Executable.


Steps to log in to WLC via SSH or Telnet using RingMaster

  1. Launch the RingMaster application.
  2. Click the Configuration button on the navigation bar at the top.

  3. In the Organizer panel on the left, select the "controller" to access the controller via SSH or Telnet.

  1. In the Tasks panel, select Other and click SSH to WLC or Telnet to WLC to access the Wireless Controller.

  1. Use the Command Line Interface (CLI) commands to log on and proceed with the CLI operations.


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