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[EX] Uplink ports down with error 'CM_JAVA: cmjava_uplink_periodic: Uplink module inserted'

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The u-link module for EX switches is a FRU (field-replaceable unit). If all the ports in uplink module are down, then it indicates an issue with the uplink module.

  1. Uplink module is not recognized in the chassis. The output of 'show chassis hardware' does not show the respective PIC in the hardware list.

  2. The uplink ports are a hard down.

  3. The following errors are seen on the console when inserting the uplink module:

     CM_JAVA: cmjava_uplink_periodic: Uplink module inserted
    ‚Äč CM_JAVA: Uplink module power not OK

The error from the chassis manager for the up-link module indicates a hardware fault with the uplink module. Since this is hardware fault with the uplink module, the recommendation would be to replace the uplink module.

For assistance in replacing the uplink module, refer to the document on Maintaining an Uplink Module in an EX4300 Switch.

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