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[SBR] How to use LCI to query IP Pools in SBR

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SBR Administrators and Network Operations can monitor IP Pools in SBR by utilizing LCI (LDAP Configuration Interface).

Please refer to Juniper's technical documentation on LDAP Configuration Interface Overview.

The LCI provided by Steel-Belted Radius Carrier consists of an LDAP interface in the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier server and an LDAP virtual schema. The LDAP virtual schema presents the structure of the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier database in a manner that can be understood by the LDAP client utilities. The LCI uses the virtual schema to retrieve, modify, and delete entries in the database.


Perform the following steps:


  • Edit radius.ini
  1. Login to SBR and navigate to /opt/JNPRsbr/radius and edit radius.ini

  2. Enable LCI in the following section:

    ; Enabling LCI without changing the access password may leave your SBR
    ; database accessible by any LDAP client. Read the "LDAP Configuration
    ; Interface" chapter of the Steel-Belted Radius Administration Guide
    ; before enabling this feature.
  3. Restart the RADIUS process:

    ./sbrd restart radius
  4. Once SBR is up and operational again, execute the following command on the SBR server (Depending on ldapsearch package that is installed in OS, ldapsearch options may differ):

    ldapsearch -P2 -h localhost -p667 -D "cn=admin,o=radius" -w <LCI Password> -s sub -b "radiusclass=ip-addr-pool,o=radius" radiusname="*"

    Note: ldapsearch does not need to be run on the SBR Server or the Working RADIUS Directory**

    This will output information about SBR IP Pool information and available resources.


    # TEST_POOL, IP-Addr-Pool, radius
    dn: radiusname=TEST_POOL,radiusclass=IP-Addr-Pool,o=radius
    objectclass: top
    objectclass: IP-Addr-Pool
    radiusname: TEST_POOL
    total: 24
    available: 24
    # search result
    search: 2
    result: 0 Success
    # numResponses: 2
    # numEntries: 1

For more information on LCI, please review the SBR Admin Guide

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