[Junos Space] Setting up email notifications in Network Director

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This article details the procedure to set up email notifications for the network alarms that are received on the Network Director from the devices that are being managed.

Note: These alarms are visible on the Network Director under the Alarms Dashboard as well as on the Device View > Fault tab.



To configure email notifications in Network Director, perform the following steps:

Configure the SMTP server for Junos Space so that email notifications can be configured.

  1. To configure the SMTP server, navigate to Network Application Platform > Administration > SMTP Server.
  2. In the Create SMTP Server window, enter the SMTP Server Name, Host Address, Port Number, and From Email Address. Select the Set As Active Server check box. If required, configure SMTP Authentication by selecting the Use SMTP Authentication check box and providing the required credentials.

  1. When the settings are configured, click Test Connection to verify that the connection with the SMTP server is successful.


Configure email notifications.

  1. To configure email notifications under Network Director, navigate to Network Director > System > Preferences.

  1. Navigate to the Fault tab in the Preferences window. Here, you can configure email notifications for all events or for individual events (as per requirement).
  • You can configure global email notifications to be sent when any alarm that has notifications enabled is generated. To configure global email notifications, enter the email addresses that are to receive the global alarm notifications in the Global Settings > Alarm Notification Destination > Email Address field. Separate addresses with a comma (,).

  • To configure emails for individual alarms, click the Alarm Settings tab > select the check box for the alarm that you want to set up the email notification for > select the Enable Notification check box for the alarm > click Edit Notification to add the email address.

  • Enter the notification email address and then click OK.

  •  Click Save.

Note: Contact Support if email notifications are not received even after setting them up by using the steps listed above.


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