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[RingMaster] How to generate auto backup

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This article describes how to generate auto backup for the Ringmaster.

  1. Login to Ringmaster:

  2. From the Ringmaster application, click Services > Backup and Restore.

  3. It will redirect you to the following URL: /logon.html;jsessionid=p2ueshuugfe

  4. Enter the Ringmaster user credentials and login to the page.

  5. After the login, click Backup & Restore.

  6. Select Auto-Backup Setting.

  7. Click Backup Interval > Daily (or) Hourly

  8. From the Daily Backup Time, select the time during which you want to generate the backup. Eg: 12:00 AM 

  9. Provide the number of copies you want to generate as backup. Eg: 10

  10. Check the Monitoring Database as well.

  11. Scroll down the same page and you will find the auto generated backup files under the "Backups"