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[QFX] Does QFX5100 support adaptive load balancing?

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Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB) evenly distributes data flows across aggregated Ethernet member links. Network administrators use this feature to manage uneven or overloaded data flows on member links in Aggregated Ethernet (AE) bundles.

This article answers the question about ALB support on QFX5100 devices.


Does QFX5100 device support the adaptive load balancing feature?

labroot@jtac-qfx5100> show configuration interfaces ae1

mtu 9192;
aggregated-ether-options {
    load-balance {
        ## Warning: statement ignored: unsupported platform (qfx5100-24q-2p)


This is a hardware limitation.


Adaptive Load Balancing is not supported on the QFX5100 platform. It is supported only on QFX10002 and QFX10008 platforms.

For more information, refer to Configuring Adaptive Load Balancing.

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