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[CSO] How to reset user cspadmin password using CLI

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This article explains an alternative way for resetting cspadmin password from CLI

Note: The password can also be reset with the registered e-mail address.

  1. Login to one of central Infra VM

  2. Authenticate using the following command:

    # source /etc/keystone/keystonerc

  3. Use the following command to reset the cspadmin password:

    # openstack user set --password '<password>' cspadmin


root@centralinfravm:~# openstack user set --password '<password>' cspadmin


For Password, enter Keystone Password for admin user obtained from CSO installer VM:

#./ deploy_manager/utils/ utility

Note: New password needs to be set in single quotes, replace <password> with intended password

Verification: Login to Admin portal with username is cspadmin and the new password.

If you encounter any issues, please contact your JTAC Representative.

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