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[CSO] How to unblock cspadmin user

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This article provides the instructions to unblock cspadmin user from Installer VM.


User was unable to log in to the CSO Administration and Customer Portal even after entering valid user credentials.

The user account might be locked due to maximum failed login attempts. The default value for maximum failed login attempts is five. Users can also reset the password with the registered e-mail address.

  1. Login to Installer VM

  2. Navigate to /root/Contrail_Service_Orchestration_Installer_directory/scripts

  3. Change mode to access of utility using the command, chmod a+x

    Usage: python <admin_portal_ui_ip> <keystone_admin_password>

  4. Enter Keystone Password for admin user obtained from installer VM: CSO installer/./ deploy_manager/utils/ 

root@installervm:~/Contrail_Service_Orchestration_4.1.0/scripts# python <CSO IP or Hostname> keystone_admin_password
cspadmin user is successfully Unlocked!

Verification: Login to Admin portal with username cspadmin and with the correct password.

If the issue still persists, please contact your JTAC Representative.

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