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[BTI] Configuring alarm severity on BTI7000 series nodes

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During daily operation and maintenance of networks, there might be a need to change Alarm Severity for certain types of alarms.

This article provides the step-by-step flow for such activity on BTI7000 series nodes.



When an alarm is raised on a node, it is configured at the default Alarm Severity level. However, users may need to modify alarm severity for alarm types according to business needs or network requirements.

Alarm severity is applied on a per-node basis, meaning that any modification on a specific node applies only to this node. To modify alarm severity for a specific alarm for the entire network, users will have to apply the changes to all the nodes.

Note: The new modified alarm severity is reflected identically on Node Manager proNX900 and Network Manager proNX Service Manager.

An example is shown below:

Default Alarm Severity > Node Manager proNX900

Default Alarm Severity > Network Manager proNX Service Manager

Modified Alarm Severity code > Node Manager proNX900

Modified Alarm Severity code > Network Manager proNX Service Manager

For more details on default alarm severity levels, see BTI7000_Series_Alarm_and_Troubleshooting_Guide_Rel_13.5_CA.

Default alarm severities can also be found as "Default Notification Codes" in the proNX900 Node Manager Alarms & Events configuration table as shown in Step 3 in the Solution section.



To modify alarm severity, you can use Node Manager proNX900. Make sure to use the proNX900 version that corresponds to the software version that is running on the node that you are connecting to.

Follow the steps below to change the Alarm Severity level for Alarms appearance.

  1. Log in to Node Manager proNX900 with the superuser account.

  1. Navigate to View > Administration and select Alarms & Events.

  1. In the Event Configuration table with Notification Codes (current), Default Notification Codes, and Alarm Types (Condition Type), select a Condition Type to be modified. The Edit Notification Code dialog box appears. Select a desirable Notification Code (Alarm Severity) from drop-down menu and click Apply.

  1. The changes come into effect immediately.


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