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CTPView backup/restore feature restriction

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CTPView has a feature to backup the CTPView database and then restore it later.  In 9.0R1 release, it is not possible to restore a previously saved backup from an older version (7.3 or lower) as noted in the CTPView Server Software 9.0R1 Release Notes. 


Due to changes in the databases between versions 7.3 and 9.0, restoring a 7.x database onto a 9.0 CTPView is not supported.


A workaround is available to accomplish the same results as a backup/restore by using the CTPView server sync feature.  It does require an add'l CTPView to be available. 

Steps to synchronize the older 7.x CTPView database to a 9.x CTPView.
  1. CTPView server “A” is running 7.3 CTPView, with IP address X

  2. Install CTPView 9.0R1 on server/VM “B”, with IP address Y

  3. Set CTPView B (secondary) to sync from CTPView A (primary), and initiate/complete sync process

  4. Install CTPView 9.0R1 on server A, with IP address X

  5. Set CTPView A (secondary) to sync from CTPView B (primary), and initiate/complete sync process

  6. Delete/Remove CTPView B

When the additional 9.x releases of CTPView are available, it will be possible to use the backup/restore feature again.

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