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How to recover Junos on QFX5100/EX4600

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When QFX5100/EX4600 device does not work properly or does not boot normally, performing a Junos recovery may resolve the issue.

A recovery image is created automatically on the switches. If a previously-running switch is powered on and unable to boot using a Junos OS image, you can boot the switch using the recovery Junos OS image by selecting one of the saved images.


This procedure specifically applies to QFX5100/EX4600.

  1. Select Junos Recovery using the UP and DOWN keys after hypervisor Reboot (request system reboot hypervisor) on CLI or force power cycle:

  2.  Available images will be shown. Select an option according to your request:

  3. Double check for selection​​​:

  4. Formatting for Junos data and Junos config can be done separately:

For QFX10K and EX4300-MP, refer to KB33990 - Recovery installation for QFX10K and EX4300-MP.

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