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[SBR] How to restart SBR GUI webserver process

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There may be instances when the SBR Web GUI is inaccessible and it may be necessary to restart the webserver in order to restore access to the GUI. Typically, a restart of the webserver takes place automatically when the radius process is restarted. 

This article shows how to restart the webserver process by itself, without having to restart the SBR radius process, in order to avoid interruption of radius service processing.


To restart the webserver process by itself, use the script as shown below:

From a root shell, change to the radius install directory:
# cd /opt/JNPRsbr/radius (or non-default install directory)

Run with restart option:
# website/webserver/jetty/bin/ restart

To troubleshoot webserver process issues, please contact your JTAC representative.

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