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[ScreenOS] High CPU temperature is seen in 'get chassis' output

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High CPU temperature is observed in many of the NS5200 devices when looking at the 'get chassis' output.


If you check the 'get chassis' output in the NS5200 devices, there is high probability you will see the high temperature as shown below:

ns5200-> get chassis
 Chassis Environment:
   Power Supply: Good
   Fan Status: Good
   Battery Status: Battery low

   CPU Temperature: 192'F (89'C) <<<< High CPU temperature

 Slot Information:
 Slot  Type                 S/N               Assembly-No   Temperature    DRAM Size
  1    Management-III       XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   0072-002        140'F (60'C)   2048MB
  2    Processing-8G2-G4    YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY   0084-001        131'F (55'C)   1024MB
 Alarm Control Information:
   Power failure audible alarm: disabled
   Fan failure audible alarm: disabled
   Low battery audible alarm: disabled
   Temperature audible alarm: disabled
     Normal alarm temperature is 168'F (76'C)<<< Threshold value
     Severe alarm temperature is 192'F (89'C)<<< Threshold value


It is expected to see high CPU temperature in some of the devices, specially NS5200. However, it will not trigger an alarm.

This is not the inlet, ambient or the chassis temperature. It is the inside temperature of the CPU itself. The alarm will trigger if the readings for the Management board increases above or equal to the alarm threshold:

Normal alarm temperature is 168'F (76'C)
Severe alarm temperature is 192'F (89'C)

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