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[SRX] Insufficient Power for SRX320-POE+ with Mist AP LLDP based POE Power Negotiation

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SRX320 POE+ version supports 30W on all six RJ-45 ports. Mist Access Points (AP) can be powered using these POE ports. While SRX320 supports LLDP and LLDP-MED (Media Endpoint Discovery) , it does not have support for POE power negotiations over LLDP.

This article provides a solution to enable Mist AP to get the required POE power from an SRX320.


Mist AP, when connected to SRX320-POE, comes up with ‘Class 4’ POE negotiation.  Although Mist AP boots up with a power of 11.5W, it needs 25W to function.


SRX320-POE supports configurable POE power using the CLI. To assign the required power of 30W, use the below commands:

set poe management class
set poe interface <ge-0/0/0-5> maximum-power 30
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