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[CPP] Device deleted from Platform menu still shows up in CPP

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When a device is deleted from the Platform menu; although it indicates successfully deleting the device, that same device still shows up in the CPP menu. And when manually deleting that device from the CPP menu, it complains about not being able to delete since a service is associated with it.

In the sample screenshot shown below, LMLBPQAF06W is a device (MX80) which has already been deleted from platform and does not appear in Platform but is somehow still seen on CPP.

Now the service SO1330593555 cannot be decommissioned because it still shows device LMLBPQAF06W associated with it. When you try to delete device LMLBPQAF06W from CPP it complains that it has a service attached to it.


Take the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to Platform -> Application-CPP-> Modify Setting.

  2. Uncheck the option "Deploy configuration to device"

  3. Try to decommission the Services. 

  4. After service is decommissioned, you should be able to delete the device from Manage Device Roles page in CPP.

  5. Once the device is deleted from CPP, check the option “Deploy configuration to device” to proceed.

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