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Syslog Message: Error message: vccpd[1151]: vccpd_ifl_lookup failed for 6

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This article discusses the meaning of the following syslog message:

Error message: vccpd[1151]: vccpd_ifl_lookup failed for 6

  • This message is seen on EX4300.

  • You may see vccp packet on me0 interface


This message appears when vccpd receives packets from non-vc port, which is a hostpath problem likely caused by either wrong packet header or bug in hostpath classification code. However, the wrong packets will be dropped by vccpd, so VC infrastructure should not be impacted.

These messages are harmless and can be ignored.  They can be suppressed using the method below:

lab@switch# show system syslog                 
     user * {
        any emergency;
     file messages {
         any notice;
         authorization info;
         match "!( vccpd_ifl_lookup )";

For more examples on how to suppress repeating non-impacting messages, refer to KB9382 - How to prevent certain syslog messages from being written to the log file

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