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[NSM] Unable to log in to NSM after converting from HA to Standalone

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This article explains how to resolve the error message "Protocol not available 84001601,"‚Äč which is repeated in guiDaemon.0.


/usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/var/errorlog/guiDaemon.0 shows the following error continuously:

Protocol not available 84001601

Also in guiDaemon.0, you will see during startup that guiDaemon has started in HA mode (log example not available at this time).


This is observed when NSM HA is disabled and the primary server acts as a standalone server.


Check guiDaemon.0 when trying to launch the NSM client. If you observe the "Protocol not available" error repeated in guiDaemon.0, then perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the following directory:
cd /usr/netscreen/HaSvr/var
  1. Check for haStatus.txt and remove the file:
rm /usr/netscreen/HaSvr/var/haStatus.txt
  1. Restart the NSM services. For proper order of service restart in NSM, refer to KB11263 - Recommended starting and stopping sequences for NSM services.
  2. Log in to the NSM UI client.

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