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[JSA] Deploy changes fails due to another deployment in progress

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This article provides the procedure to resolve the following error message:

Error: There is another deployment currently in progress, please try again later. Click here to continue.​

This issue might be caused due to a previous deploy change that has failed on one or more managed hosts.

To determine the status of deploy changes, navigate to ​/store/tmp/status and look for deployment.IP file, where "IP" is the IP address of the managed hosts.

[root@jsa status]# cat deployment.
In Progress
[root@jsa status]# 

If the status is "In Progress", then that managed host needs to be reviewed.


A potential workaround for a deploy in progress is to move the file and restart hostcontext service.

  1. Login to JSA Console CLI and open SSH session to the Managed host.

  2. Move the /store/tmp/status/deployment."IP" file(s) to a temporary directory.

    Example: mv /store/tmp/status/deployment."" /tmp

  3. To restart hostcontext on the Managed host(s): 

    service hostcontext restart (7.2 and lower) 
    systemctl restart hostcontext
    (7.3 and above)

  4. Log in to the JSA webUI. Click the Admin tab and attempt to perform Deploy Changes.

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