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[Contrail] How to create an object level FIP Pool in Kubernetes environment

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This article explains how to allocate the object-specific FIP Pool and its corresponding scope.

For details on the three possible FIP scopes, refer to KB35083 - [Contrail] Understanding Floating IP Pool Scopes in Kubernetes environment.


The object-specific FIP pool is the most specific level of FIP pool in Contrail 5 Kubernetes environment. You can specify an FIP Pool to a specific Kubernetes object, such as a 'service' or an 'Ingress'. After the object is created with the pool specified, the object will be assigned an FIP whenever it requires from this pool only. The typical use case of an object-specific FIP pool is when you want to assign a specific IP prefix or an IP prefix from a specific range, instead of the global IP pool.  

Example of how to assign an IP pool to a particular service only:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: service-web-lb-pool-public-1
    "": "{'domain': 'default-domain', 'project': 'k8s-ns-user-1', 'network': 'vn-public-1', 'name': 'pool-public-1'}"
  - port: 8888
    targetPort: 80
    app: webserver
  type: LoadBalancer


In this example, the service 'service-web-lb-pool-public-1' will get an FIP from pool 'pool-public-1', which is created based on VN 'vn-public-1' under the current project 'k8s-ns-user-1'. The corresponding kubernetes NS is 'ns-user-1'. Since the object level FIP pool is assigned for this specific object only, with this method, each new object needs to be assigned an FIP pool explicitly.

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