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[MX] Syslog Message - 'protocol failure in circuit setup :error[1]' on NGRE existent systems



Article ID: KB35940 KB Last Updated: 20 Nov 2020Version: 2.0

This article explains the meaning of the "protocol failure in circuit setup: error[1]" alarm on MX devices.



The following log is seen on the Routing Engine (RE):

Aug  4 07:49:37.011 2018   vhclient.24828.daemon: %USER-3: select: protocol failure in circuit setup :error[1]
Aug 20 22:59:58.643 2018   vhclient.56537.daemon: %USER-3: select: protocol failure in circuit setup :error[1] 
Aug 31 08:42:34.566 2018   vhclient.13779.daemon: %USER-3: select: protocol failure in circuit setup :error[1]
Sep  1 22:12:37.718 2018   vhclient.82198.daemon: %USER-3: select: protocol failure in circuit setup :error[1] 
Sep 11 15:48:24.172 2018   vhclient.10197.daemon: %USER-3: select: protocol failure in circuit setup :error[1]



The reported issue might be seen in a VMHOST environment when you log in from Junos to Linux VMHOST by using vhclient or rsh.



This message can be seen on REs with VMHost environment. It is stderr from vmhost. Junos periodically sends messages to VM Host. Likewise, here Junos is trying to communicate with the rsh daemon on vmhost by rsh and call remote commands internally. However, one of the internal features is not ready on the VM Host, so it sends back stderr to Junos where the error message is seen. The root cause for this is the sequence of socket orders would be changed when it reaches Junos VM from Linux host. 


The remote shell (rsh) is a command-line computer program that can execute shell commands as another user, and on another computer across a computer network. The remote system to which rsh connects runs the rsh daemon (rshd). Rsh executes commands on the host. Rsh copies its standard input to the remote command, the standard output of the remote command to its standard output, and the standard error of the remote command to its standard error. Interrupt, quit, and terminate signals are propagated to the remote command; rsh normally terminates when the remote command does. 

Verify the VM Host Logs.

  1. Log in to shell.

user@host> start shell
% su
  1. Log in to the host.

root@:/var/home/lab # vhclient -s     
Last login: Wed Mar  1 19:34:22 CST 2017 from local-node on pts/1
  1. Zip the content.

root@local-node:~# tar -cf ~/host_varlog_RE0.tar -C /var/log/*
tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
root@local-node:~# ls -l | grep varlog
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 75509760 Jun 22 02:55 host_varlog_RE0.tar
  1. Copy the file to VM Routing Engine /var/tmp.

For copying the /var/log to /var/tmp on RE, refer to KB31910 - How to collect /var/log files from Next Generation Routing Engine.

Alternatively, the host file can be gathered from the CLI by:

> request vmhost file-copy log from-jnode * to-vjunos /var/tmp/ubr/

Example logs from vmhost auth.log:

vmhost /var/log/auth.log
2020-10-18T11:26:39.324056+09:00  rshd[15475]: root@ngy007mpe050-RE1 as root: cmd='export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin:/sbin/ ; echo -e Write threshold
2020-10-21T14:35:23.595306+09:00  rshd[19546]: root@ngy007mpe050-RE1 as root: cmd='export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin:/sbin/ ; echo -e Write threshold

The occurrence of such erroneous messages is resolved in junos:15.1R8, junos:16.1R8, junos:16.2R3, junos:17.4R3, junos:18.1R3-S4, junos:18.2R3, junos:18.2X75-D420, junos:18.2X75-D50, junos:18.3R2, junos:18.4R2, junos:19.1R2, junos:19.2R1 Junos releases.

If VM Host log messages do not suggest any discrepancies, you may safely ignore them. ‚ÄčThese log messages may be expected when login from JunosOS to Linux VMHOST using vhclient or rsh is attempted.

In you are repetitively seeing the log messages, you can filter them by referring to KB9382 - How to prevent certain syslog messages from being written to the log file.

If there is any misbehavior of RE while this error is being generated, contact your JTAC Representative to investigate further.


Modification History:

2020-11-20: Minor modifications; content is valid and accurate


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