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EX4300-48MP password recovery



Article ID: KB36510 KB Last Updated: 19 Feb 2021Version: 2.0

This article shows how to recover the root password for EX4300-48MP​.


To recover the root password for EX4300-48MP, take the following steps:
Note: You must have console access to the switch.

  1. Physically power off the switch (CLI reboot will not work).

  2. Turn the switch back on.

  3. When the following message appears, press Ctrl-C

    FreeBSD/x86 bootstrap loader, Revision 1.1
    (Fri Jul 10 04:10:38 PDT 2020
  4. From the Maine Menu, select 5 [M]ore options:

    Main Menu
    1.  Boot [J]unos volume
    2.  Boot Junos volume in [S]afe mode
    3.  [R]eboot
    4.  [B]oot menu
    5.  [M]ore options
  5. Select Recovery mode - [C]LI

    1.  Recover [J]unos volume
    2.  Recovery mode - [C]LI
    3.  Check [F]ile system
    4.  Enable [V]erbose boot
    5.  [B]oot prompt
    6.  [M]ain menu
  6. The switch will then boot in CLI recovery mode. The following message will appear:

    Booting Junos in CLI recovery mode ...
    /packages/sets/active/boot/os-kernel/kernel text=0x46f058 data=0x84a60+0x30d960 syms=[0x8+0x98508+0x8+0x84670]
    /packages/sets/active/boot/netstack/netstack.ko size 0x1484fc8 at 0xd1e000
    loading required module 'crypto'
    /packages/sets/active/boot/os-crypto/crypto.ko size 0x43e28 at 0x21a3000
    /packages/sets/active/boot/netstack/acb.ko size 0x6e1c0 at 0x21e7000
  7. Once the switch is done rebooting, the CLI will start and you will be put in a root prompt:

    Starting CLI ... 
    warning: This chassis is operating in a non-master role as part of a virtual-chassis (VC) system.
    warning: Use of interactive commands should be limited to debugging and VC Port operations.
    warning: Full CLI access is provided by the Virtual Chassis Master (VC-M) chassis.
    warning: The VC-M can be identified through the show virtual-chassis status command executed at this console.
    warning: Please logout and log into the VC-M to use CLI.
  8. Set the desired root password. Commit the changes and type exit to reboot the switch with the new password. 

    root> configure 
    Entering configuration mode
    root# set system root-authentication plain-text-password 
    New password:
    Retype new password:
    root# commit and-quit 
    2021-02-03 21:30:47 UTC: Running FIPS Self-tests
    veriexec: no fingerprint for file='/sbin/kats/cannot-exec' fsid=200 fileid=51404 gen=1 uid=0 pid=12675
    2021-02-03 21:30:48 UTC: FIPS Self-tests Passed
    commit complete
    Exiting configuration mode
    root@router> exit 
    NOTE: Type 'exit' to restart the system.
    # exit
    Waiting (max 60 seconds) for system process `vnlru' to stop... done
    Waiting (max 60 seconds) for system process `bufdaemon' to stop... done
    Waiting (max 60 seconds) for system process `syncer' to stop... 
  9.  The switch will reboot again and the new password will be saved

    ​Starting cron.
    Wed Feb  3 13:33:51 PST 2021
    FreeBSD/amd64 (router) (ttyu0)
    login: root
    Last login: Wed Feb  3 13:09:44 on ttyu0
    --- JUNOS 18.4R2-S5.4 Kernel 64-bit  JNPR-11.0-20200710.a76c78d_buil
    root@router:RE:0% cli
Modification History:
2021-02-18: Title updated to EX4300-48MP
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