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[MX] How to find the FPC in which a fabric plane is reporting CRC errors



Article ID: KB36574 KB Last Updated: 17 Mar 2021Version: 1.0

This article explains how to find the FPC in which a fabric plane is reporting CRC errors.


The following message indicates CRC errors reported on link xfport 11: 

chassisd[1201]: New CRC errors found on xfchip 0 plane 2 subport 45 xfport 11 new_count 1 aggr_count 54

The fabric plan number is clear from the message, fabric plane 2.

The command below is used to find which control board plane 2 resides on: 

show chassis fabric plane-location    
------------Fabric Plane Locations-------------
Plane 0                         Control Board 0
Plane 1                         Control Board 0
Plane 2                         Control Board 1
Plane 3                         Control Board 1
Plane 4                         Control Board 2
Plane 5                         Control Board 2

In order to troubleshoot further, the FPC in which the fabric plane is reporting the CRC error is needed as well. xfport 11 is the clue here.

The previous output indicates checking the outputs for CB1 plane 2. This can be used as our match criteria to filter the output. 

show chassis fabric map | match cb1
DPC10PFE0->CB1F1_02_0   Down       CB1F1_02_0->DPC10PFE0   Down  
DPC10PFE1->CB1F1_02_1   Down       CB1F1_02_1->DPC10PFE1   Down  
DPC10PFE2->CB1F1_02_2   Down       CB1F1_02_2->DPC10PFE2   Down  
DPC10PFE3->CB1F1_02_3   Down       CB1F1_02_3->DPC10PFE3   Down  
DPC1PFE0->CB1F1_03_0    Up         CB1F1_03_0->DPC1PFE0    Up    
DPC1PFE1->CB1F1_03_1    Up         CB1F1_03_1->DPC1PFE1    Up    
DPC1PFE2->CB1F1_03_2    Down       CB1F1_03_2->DPC1PFE2    Down  
DPC1PFE3->CB1F1_03_3    Down       CB1F1_03_3->DPC1PFE3    Down  
DPC3PFE0->CB1F1_04_0    Up         CB1F1_04_0->DPC3PFE0    Up    
DPC3PFE1->CB1F1_04_1    Up         CB1F1_04_1->DPC3PFE1    Up    
DPC3PFE2->CB1F1_04_2    Up         CB1F1_04_2->DPC3PFE2    Up    
DPC3PFE3->CB1F1_04_3    Up         CB1F1_04_3->DPC3PFE3    Up    
DPC8PFE0->CB1F1_05_0    Down       CB1F1_05_0->DPC8PFE0    Down  
DPC8PFE1->CB1F1_05_1    Down       CB1F1_05_1->DPC8PFE1    Down  
DPC8PFE2->CB1F1_05_2    Down       CB1F1_05_2->DPC8PFE2    Down  
DPC8PFE3->CB1F1_05_3    Down       CB1F1_05_3->DPC8PFE3    Down  
DPC7PFE0->CB1F1_06_0    Down       CB1F1_06_0->DPC7PFE0    Down  
DPC7PFE1->CB1F1_06_1    Down       CB1F1_06_1->DPC7PFE1    Down  
DPC7PFE2->CB1F1_06_2    Down       CB1F1_06_2->DPC7PFE2    Down  
DPC7PFE3->CB1F1_06_3    Down       CB1F1_06_3->DPC7PFE3    Down  
DPC4PFE0->CB1F1_07_0    Down       CB1F1_07_0->DPC4PFE0    Down  
DPC4PFE1->CB1F1_07_1    Down       CB1F1_07_1->DPC4PFE1    Down  
DPC4PFE2->CB1F1_07_2    Down       CB1F1_07_2->DPC4PFE2    Down  
DPC4PFE3->CB1F1_07_3    Down       CB1F1_07_3->DPC4PFE3    Down  
DPC5PFE0->CB1F1_08_0    Down       CB1F1_08_0->DPC5PFE0    Down  
DPC5PFE1->CB1F1_08_1    Down       CB1F1_08_1->DPC5PFE1    Down  
DPC5PFE2->CB1F1_08_2    Down       CB1F1_08_2->DPC5PFE2    Down  
DPC5PFE3->CB1F1_08_3    Down       CB1F1_08_3->DPC5PFE3    Down  
DPC6PFE0->CB1F1_09_0    Down       CB1F1_09_0->DPC6PFE0    Down  
DPC6PFE1->CB1F1_09_1    Down       CB1F1_09_1->DPC6PFE1    Down  
DPC6PFE2->CB1F1_09_2    Down       CB1F1_09_2->DPC6PFE2    Down  
DPC6PFE3->CB1F1_09_3    Down       CB1F1_09_3->DPC6PFE3    Down  
DPC2PFE0->CB1F1_10_0    Down       CB1F1_10_0->DPC2PFE0    Down  
DPC2PFE1->CB1F1_10_1    Down       CB1F1_10_1->DPC2PFE1    Down  
DPC2PFE2->CB1F1_10_2    Down       CB1F1_10_2->DPC2PFE2    Down  
DPC2PFE3->CB1F1_10_3    Down       CB1F1_10_3->DPC2PFE3    Down  
DPC9PFE0->CB1F1_11_0    Up         CB1F1_11_0->DPC9PFE0    Up    
DPC9PFE1->CB1F1_11_1    Up         CB1F1_11_1->DPC9PFE1    Up    
DPC9PFE2->CB1F1_11_2    Down       CB1F1_11_2->DPC9PFE2    Down  
DPC9PFE3->CB1F1_11_3    Down       CB1F1_11_3->DPC9PFE3    Down  
DPC0PFE0->CB1F1_12_0    Up         CB1F1_12_0->DPC0PFE0    Up    
DPC0PFE1->CB1F1_12_1    Up         CB1F1_12_1->DPC0PFE1    Up    
DPC0PFE2->CB1F1_12_2    Up         CB1F1_12_2->DPC0PFE2    Up    
DPC0PFE3->CB1F1_12_3    Up         CB1F1_12_3->DPC0PFE3    Up    
DPC11PFE0->CB1F1_13_0   Up         CB1F1_13_0->DPC11PFE0   Up    
DPC11PFE1->CB1F1_13_1   Up         CB1F1_13_1->DPC11PFE1   Up    
DPC11PFE2->CB1F1_13_2   Up         CB1F1_13_2->DPC11PFE2   Up    
DPC11PFE3->CB1F1_13_3   Up         CB1F1_13_3->DPC11PFE3   Up  
Therefore, xfport 11 connects fabric plane 2 and FPC 9. Then follow the next steps of offlining the FPC / fabric plane, reseating them one at time. If needed, replace them one by one to isolate which one of the two components is causing the CRC errors.
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