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[ScreenOS] Changing the Administrator User Name and Password

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Changing the Administrator User Name and Password


Note:  All ScreenOS firewalls are shipped with the same user name and password. Because of this, we recommend you change your user name and password as soon as possible.

To change the administrator user name and password, perform the following steps:

Step one: Open the WebUI. For more information on accessing the WebUI, go to Accessing Your NetScreen Using the WebUI.

Step two: From the ScreenOS options menu, click Configuration, select Admin, and then click Administrators.

Image of step two

Step three: From the Local Admin Users Database, choose the administrative account you wish to modify, and click Edit.

Image of step three

Step four: Enter a Name for the account, the Old Password, the New Password, and then Confirm New Password.

Image of step four and five

Step five: Click OK.
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