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[Archive] Establishing a Console Session on Your NetScreen-5XP, -5XT, or -5GT

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Last Updated: 07 Jun 2010
Version: 5.0

Establishing a Console Session on Your NetScreen-5XP, -5XT, or -5GT



Note: This article applies to ScreenOS 4.0 and higher.

Warning: For the console connection, you will need to obtain a serial cable with a male DB-9 connector on one end and a female DB-9 connector on the other end.

To establish a console session for the NetScreen-5XP, -5XT, or -5GT, perform the following steps:

Note: The NetScreen-5XP, -5XT, and -5GT have a serial port, called the Console port, that allows you to establish a console session with ScreenOS.

Step one: Connect the female DB-9 end of the serial cable into the serial port of your PC.

Step two: Connect the male DB-9 end of the serial cable into the Console port of your NetScreen-5XP, -5XT, or -5GT (the NetScreen-5XT is shown below).

Image of step two

Step three: Launch a serial terminal program (A commonly used terminal program is Hilgreave HyperTerminal).

Note: Typical settings to launch a console session with your Firewall are as follows:
  • Baud Rate to 9600
  • Parity to No
  • Data Bits to 8
  • Stop Bit to 1
  • Flow Control to none

Step four: From the login prompt, enter your username, and press Enter.

Note: The default login and password is netscreen. Both the login and password are case-sensitive.

Image of step four

Step five: From the password prompt, enter your password, and press Enter.

Note: The password is based on keystrokes. For security purposes, the password is not displayed as it is entered.

Image of step five


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