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[ScreenOS] Accessing the Command Line Interface Using Telnet

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This article explains how to access the Command Line Interface by using Telnet.


To access the command line interface using telnet, perform the following steps:

  1. Access a command prompt. To access the command prompt on a Windows platform, go to the Start menu (  ), select Run, and then in the text box enter CMD.

  2. From the prompt, enter telnet and your trust interface IP address. Press ENTER.

    Note: The default IP address for the Trust interface of your Juniper firewall device is

    Image of step two

  3. From the Remote Management Console screen, enter your login. Press ENTER.

    Note: The default login and password is netscreen. Both the login and password are case-sensitive.

    Image of step three

  4. From the password prompt, enter your password, and then press ENTER.

    Note: The password is based on keystrokes. For security purposes, the password is not displayed as it is entered.

    Image of step four

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