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[ScreenOS] Uploading a Configuration from the WebUI

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How to load a saved configuration to the firewall using the WebUI?

To upload a configuration from the WebUI (web management), perform the following steps:

For CLI instructions, refer to KB4196 - Uploading a Configuration from the CLI.

”note:  The firewall loads the configuration file and reboots automatically. Be aware that the new configuration may have a different VLAN1 IP address and different interface IP addresses. To manage the device and reach the interfaces, remember to use the new IP addresses.

Step one: Open the WebUI. For more information on accessing the WebUI, refer to KB4060 - Accessing Your NetScreen, SSG, or ISG Firewall Using the WebUI.

Step two: From the ScreenOS options menu, click Configuration, select Update, and then click Config File.

Image of step two

Step three: From Upload Configuration to Device, click to choose Replace Current Configuration  (or Merge to Current Configuration).

Image of step three

Step four: From New Configuration File, click Browse.

Image of step four

Step five: From Choose file, click to choose your configuration file. Click Open.

Image of step five

Step six: Verify that the path is correct, and then click Apply.

Image of step six

Step seven: Click OK.

Image of step seven

Step eight: Click OK.

Image of step eight

Step nine: Click OK.

Image of step nine

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