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[ScreenOS] Converting a Juniper Firewall from Layer 3 Mode to Layer 2 Mode

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Converting a Juniper Firewall  from Layer 3 Mode to Layer 2 Mode




Note: This article applies to ScreenOS 5.0 and higher.

When a device is reset to factory defaults, it comes up in layer 3 mode. In order to configure the box in Transparent mode, it must be converted to the layer 2 mode. This is performed using a console connection.

note: For more information on resetting the NetScreen to a factory default, go to: How Do I Perform a Hardware Reset of My NetScreen to Factory Default Settings?

To convert a NetScreen from layer 3 mode to layer 2 mode in ScreenOS 5.0, perform the following steps:

Access the NetScreen device via a console connection. For more information on accessing the NetScreen via a console connection, select your product from the list below:

From the NetScreen - HyperTerminal, enter unset interface ethernet1 ip, and press Enter.

Image of step two

Enter set interface ethernet1 zone V1-Trust, and press Enter.

Image of step three

Enter set interface ethernet2 zone V1-DMZ, and press Enter.

Image of step four

Enter set interface ethernet3 zone V1-Untrust, and press Enter.

Image of step five

note: The console will respond back with Changed to pure l2 mode.

Image of note

note: The device has now been converted to transparent mode.

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